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Caring for Swarovski Crystals

Care Instructions:

The cut glass of a Swarovski crystal is less expensive than real gemstones, it is still considered quite delicate. Swarovski crystal jewellery is an investment, so taking proper care of all pieces is a must. While it is important to know how to clean Swarovski crystal jewellery no matter how dirty it is, proper care and maintenance once the jewellery is clean preserves its life.

Simple Method for Cleaning Swarovski Crystal Jewellery:

The delicate nature of Swarovski crystals means that cleaning them with harsh jewellery cleaner containing chemicals is a risky that often ends up doing more harm than good. There are different simple cleaning solutions that are also delicate enough to preserve Swarovski crystal, providing owners know how to use them. 

Cleaning Method:

Baby Wipes
Hold wipe between thumb and fingers; roll crystals back and forth until shiny

Mild Dish Detergent
Apply soap directly to the surface of jewellery; use a soft-bristle brush to scrub; rinse with clean water

Use a soft toothbrush, wet with a dab of white, non-gel toothpaste; gently scrub crystals and rinse under clean water.

These methods provide simple and convenient ways to clean Swarovski crystal jewellery. In addition, no matter what cleaning method you use, always ensure that the crystals are completely dry before storing. Let the jewellery sit out overnight, or hand dry with a microfiber cloth or hairdryer set to low heat.