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Caring for Leather Jewellery

How to take care of leather jewellery:

Leather jewellery can last for a long time if and only if it is maintained properly. Leather jewellery must be protected from dust. It must have a separate cover so as to prevent dust contamination. Leather jewellery can be kept in a plastic bag also. It is not advisable to store leather jewellery along with other types of jewellery, especially metal jewellery. 

When leather jewellery is exposed to rain or water it loses its charm. It is better to avoid wearing leather jewellery when the weather conditions are not good. While handling the leather jewellery, our hands must be clean as well as dry. Leather jewellery may be worn after the application of perfumes and other cosmetics so that the jewellery will not get coated with the perfumes. 

A leather protector spray can ensure the proper maintenance of expensive leather jewellery. The leather protector spray effectively prevents staining of the leather. Moreover, it can prevent cracking and drying of the leather. 

For cleaning the leather jewellery you should not use oil based cleaners as it may stain the leather. The dirt on the jewellery can be removed using a piece of soft damp cloth. In case the leather jewellery is stained by cosmetics, oil, fragrances, hair sprays etc. It is advisable to get them cleaned immediately by a professional cleaner. The leather jewellery should not be cleaned using chemicals based cleaning agents. 

You should not wear the leather jewellery while taking bath, swimming or performing physical exercises. When leather absorbs perspiration from the body it will lose its original beauty. Hence it is better not to wear the leather necklace while doing any strenuous work. 

It is very important to ensure that the leather jewellery never comes into contact with liquids, chemicals, aerosols etc. Such contacts will not only lead to discoloration but also damage the leather. It is ideal to keep the leather necklaces in bags made of soft flannel. 

In order to protect the leather jewellery from humidity it may be kept in a tight container. 

By way of providing proper storage as well as protecting the leather jewellery can be kept for many years without scratches or damage.